‘食魂徒 – Soul Eater’ Bullet Hell Shooter Now On Steam Greenlight

Not to be confused with the popular anime and manga of the same name, Soul Eater is a new Bullet Hell shooter from Korea’s own Deer Farm.

Though they may be firmly rooted in Japanese arcades, the insane “Bullet Hell” Shmup (“Shoot-em-Up”) sub-genre is quickly growing on consoles and PC. Over the past few years, several of Southwest Asia’s finest shooters have graced XBLA, PSN and Steam, including Ikaruga, Radiant Silvergun, Dariusburst, Mushihimesama Futuari, and the upcoming North American PC release of DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu.

Last week, a new Bullet Hell shooter arrived on Steam Greenlight with the hopes of seeing an official release on Valve’s digital marketplace. Developed by Korea’s own Deer Farm, 食魂徒 – Soul Eater is an Oriental-influenced shooter where players must send escaped deities back into Limbo and absorb their souls. This can only be done by charging the character’s “Graze” meter:

Unlike Ikaruga‘s infamous “color change” mechanic used to absorb energy by intentionally taking damage, players must narrowly skirt by bullets in order to increase the Graze meter; once it’s full, the player can activate the game’s soul-collecting mechanic.

A free demo of the first stage is currently available through the 食魂徒 – Soul Eater Greenlight page; at launch, the title will feature two playable characters and three game modes.

食魂徒 – Soul Eater can only release through Steam if it receives enough votes from Steam users on the official Greenlight page. An official release window has not been scheduled.

Source: Steam Greenlight
Image courtesy of Deer Farm

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