New Killer Instinct Gameplay and Ultra Street Fighter IV Revealed at EVO 2013

Image courtesy of GameTrailers

Double Helix showed off a lengthy gameplay session of their upcoming reboot of Killer Instinct during the final day of EVO 2013, which involved several head-to-head matches between tournament competitors and DH Staff. In addition to Jago and Saberwolf, previously shown at E3 and SGC 2013, EVO attendees and online participants were shown a working build of Glacius, a mainstay of the Killer Instinct series. The iconic character has been redesigned from his once Spawn-inspired look, for a more abstract, ‘abomination of ice’ physique, as if forged from a glacier itself. Fans were also given a very brief look at a future Saberwolf Fight Stick created by MadCatz, which will be available alongside Killer Instinct’s launch.

Killer Instinct wasn’t the only fighting game to appear at EVO with a new update, as Capcom also revealed several new updates for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, in the form of Ultra Street Fighter IV. USFIV will include new costumes, stages, modes, updated balance changes, and five extra characters: Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento, and a fifth character, yet to be announced. Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available in early 2014 as a digital upgrade to SSFIV:AE for $14.99, and as a stand-alone game for $39.99.

Image courtesy of GameTrailers

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