Contrary to popular belief, ThePlatformer was never designed to overthrow political structures, assimilate all other media outlets across the internet, or conquer planets of this galaxy and the next…No, ThePlatformer was simply created to be a one-stop, omnipotent source of information regarding gaming across all platforms, computer hardware and peripherals, and advancements in the consumer-electronics industry. There are plenty of sites that tackle a various combination of these aspects, but none of them tackle all sides of the gaming lifestyle; Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Indie, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, “Children’s Games”, cloud-gaming, peripherals, MMO, E-Sports, conventions, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality- it can all be found here.

Welcome to ThePlatformer: PC, Tech, and Gaming Culture.

Jordan Schilling “PFSolitude
Creator, Writer, Editor, PR and Video Editor

Email: pfsolitude@gmail.com
Twitter: @PFSolitude
Skype: jordan_schilling_pfsolitude
LinkedIn: Jordan Schilling
Steam/PSN/XBLA: PFSolitude

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