‘Hyperdimension Neptunia’ “Purple Heart” Statue Revealed, Coming Next Summer

Collectible manufacturer Broccoli is gearing up to release an 1/8th scale Purple Heart statue for Summer 2018.

Hyperdimension Neptunia fanatics rejoice, a new collectible statue of series protagonist Neptune/Purple Heart is currently in-production by collectible manufacturer Broccoli. This future 1/8th scale collector’s item features Neptune in her CPU-form “Purple Heart”, ensnared in a mass of power-cords, HDMI cables and SATA cables. Each statue is sculpted from PVC and ABS, and stands at approximately 22cm/8.7in from the base to the peak of the middle power-cord.

Purple Heart is the true form of Neptune, the core protagonist of the cross-genre Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise from Compile Heart and Idea Factory (formerly NIS America). Disregarding the numerous spin-offs into other genres, the primary saga follows Neptune, a “Goddess” and CPU of Planeptune, banished to the land of Gamindustri. Together with the aide of three other Goddesses, Neptune must defeat and end the rule of the “Deity of Sin”, the evil Goddess Arfoire. Though many are quick to write off the Hyperdimension saga as yet another gonzo JRPG franchise, the series is a rather self-aware parody of the gaming industry and Japanese gaming culture:

The most obvious example lies in the main territory being a misspelling of “Game Industry”, but other Easter Eggs lie in character names, designs, abilities or events; Goddesses “Neptune”, “Noire”, “Vert” and “Blanc” are all based on present and cancelled game consoles- the Sega Neptune, PS3, Xbox, Wii; “Histore” may be a reference to gaming journalists, as her task is to record the history of Gamindustri; not just in name, the character “Compa” is a reference to developer Compile Heart, as she wears the studio’s logo as a necklace; “Dengekiko” is the physical in-game avatar of Japanese magazine company Dengeki; the previously mentioned Goddesses play key roles in an endless war known as “The Console Wars”- a self-explanatory reference towards the occasional elitism of passionate brand-devoted gamers.

Broccoli’s 1/8th scale Hyperdimension Neptunia Purple Heart statue can be pre-ordered from Play-Asia and AmiAmi (features exclusive A5-sized character plate) for $169.99-$174.42, and is expected to release in late-June/early-July 2018.

Sources: Broccoli, Play-Asia, AmiAmi
Images courtesy of Broccoli, Compile Heart, Idea Factory

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