Bioshock Infinite DLC Now Available, Story DLC Coming Soon

[WARNING: This post may contain potential spoilers.]

Whether players were holding out for DLC, or they bought the Season Pass upon release, everyone can rest easy tonight, as the first of 3 planned DLC packs is now available.

The first DLC for Bioshock Infinite released today on PC, 360 and PS3: “Clash in the Clouds” is a challenge-based add-on, featuring 60 new mission objectives, 4 playable maps, and “Blue Ribbon Challenges” which unlock in-game statues, concept art, Voxephones and Kinetoscopes. “Clash in the Clouds” is $4.99/800 MS Points for those who have not purchased the Season Pass.

Also announced today was the first part of a new add-on to the Bioshock Infinite lore, in the form of “Burial at Sea: Episode 1”. The upcoming DLC features an alternate “film noir” Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth, during the final days of Rapture: Dec. 31, 1958.

No release date has been given for “Burial at Sea: Episode 1”, but it will be included in the Season Pass.

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