‘Betrayer’ Announced From Blackpowder Games

Take part in a 17th century supernatural quest with Betrayer, from Blackpowder Games.

Betrayer is currently in-development by Blackpowder Games, a studio created from former members of Monolith Productions (F.E.A.R., Gotham City Imposters). Betrayer sets players as a 17th century colonist, on a voyage to the New World in 1604. Upon arrival, the player finds that Virginia isn’t a thriving colony, but a haunting ground for ghosts and other supernatural entities, entirely void of color, except for a lone woman, clad in red, who will aid the player from a distance.

Gameplay will be open-world exploration, as the player will roam the colorless wilderness in search of clues, treasure, 17th century weaponry, and a truth to the catastrophe that lies before them.

Betrayer is coming to PC, and will be available through Steam Early Access on Aug. 14.

Sources: Blackpowder Games, GameInformer

Image courtesy of Blackpowder Games

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