Defend YouTube Videos In A Game Of Missile Command

Google loves video games; Pac-Man in the Google logo, and searches for “zerg rush” and “do a barrel roll” come to mind. It looks like there’s a new one, in the form of Missile Command, on YouTube.

In honor of YouTube’s “Geek Week”, new “easter eggs” have been added into the video website; after a video starts, type “1980”, and a playable version of Missile Command will begin above the video.

While they may not be directly related to video games, here are two other easter eggs, specifically for “Geek Week”; doing a search for “Fibonacci” yields a short video sequence of the Fibonacci Spiral, comprised of YouTube thumbnails; searching “use the force Luke” and “beam me up Scotty” both yield visual effects on the “Search Results” page.

For those who missed “Google Pac-Man”, click here.

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