AMD Launches “Never Settle Forever” Promotion

PC owners who purchase select AMD Radeon 7000 Series graphics cards can now choose up to three games from a selection of nine AMD-optimized titles for free.

The third edition of AMD’s “Never Settle” promotion is now active for anyone who purchases a 7000 Series graphics card. The “Never Settle Forever” bundle is distributed by digital or physical voucher- buyer’s choice- and corresponds to one of three tiers: AMD Radeon 7700 Series, Bronze; AMD Radeon 7800 Series, Silver; AMD Radeon 7900 Series, Gold. Each tier contains a list of games that the buyer can choose from: All tiers include Deus Ex: Human Revolution, DiRT 3, DiRT 3: Showdown, Far Cry 3, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, and Sleeping Dogs; Silver also contains DMC Devil May Cry and Hitman Absolution; Gold contains all of the previous games, plus Tomb Raider (2013). Bronze has the option of choosing one free game, Silver has two, and three for Gold.

“Never Settle Forever” vouchers will expire on December 31, 2013. Regardless of which GPU is purchased, buyers will also receive a $10 discount off of the Radeon RAMDisk.

Source: AMD

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