Kickstarter Campaign Now Live For CastAR

The future of augmented reality is almost here, as the Kickstarter campaign for the castAR has officially begun.

The Kickstarter campaign for castAR, the augmented reality interface from Technical Illusions, officially launched this morning. The current and final iteration of the glasses also features an additional virtual-reality interface; when attached, the castAR glasses become a stereoscopic display for 3D immersion- as an alternative, a PC monitor can be turned into a 3D stereoscopic display of its own.

For those who wish to own one of these revolutionary inventions from Technical Illusions, contributors of $189+ will receive a minimum package including the CastAR and 1x1m surface; those who contribute $285+ will receive the CastAR, 1x2m surface, USB Magic Wand, and AR and VR attachments:

To contribute, simply head over to their Kickstarter page, and select one of the listed tiers on the right; the castAR campaign has raised over $201,000 of the asked $400,000.

Source: Kickstarter
Images courtesy of Technical Illusions

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