CastAR Funded In Under 3 Days, Stretch Goals Added

Augmented/Virtual-Reality interface CastAR has been funded with 29 days still remaining in the Kickstarter campaign.

Technical Illusions launched a Kickstarter campaign Monday morning for their CastAR AR/VR interface; in less than 60hrs, campaign donations exceeded the initial funding goal of $400,000. With 29 days still remaining in the campaign, Technical Illusions has included two additional stretch goals: If funding reaches $600,000, a customizable dungeon-mapping tool will be added, allowing for users to create and manage dungeon environments for table-top gaming, via the RFID grid and Magic Wand; if the campaign reaches $800,000, earbuds and an integrated microphone will be added into the CastAR for distance/online communication, and better user immersion.

Those still interested in contributing to the CastAR Kickstarter can donate at the official page; the campaign will end on Nov. 14. CastAR has a projected launch of Sept. 2014.

Source: Kickstarter
Image courtesy of Technical Illusions

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