‘Serious Sam Double D’ PC Version Gets ‘XXL’ Upgrade

The PC version of Serious Sam Double D on Steam finally has the extra goodies from the 360 release, with the free XXL upgrade.

Two years ago, a series of titles based on Croteam and Devolver Digital’s Serious Sam were created by Indie development companies as part of the “Indie Series”; one of the more popular games from that series was Serious Sam Double D from Mommy’s Best Games, creators of Shoot 1UP, Weapon of Choice and Grapple Buggy. Double D is a 2D side-scroller featuring all of the classic Serious Sam elements, and several new additions inspired by the source material; hoards of enemies, no cover, a vast plethora of weapons, secrets galore, and plenty of carnage. Double D also introduced the “Femkaze” and the “Gunstacker”, a mechanic that allowed for players to stack weapons on top of each other for various strategic combinations (i.e. a rocket launcher on top of a shotgun…on top of a chainsaw). The 360 version released last year with added content in the form of Serious Sam Double D: XXL; this version will finally be available for PC owners as a free upgrade, and a stand-alone title:

Serious Sam Double D: XXL adds new vehicle-based levels, new enemies, cooperative and head-to-head gameplay, extra secrets, new weapons, and new Gunstacker upgrades. Double D can be purchased through Steam for $9.99, but will be on sale through the weekend for $2.50.

Image courtesy of Mommy’s Best Games

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