DERP Takes Down Ubisoft and Uplay Service

Once again, online services have been crashed due to hackers, with Ubisoft and their Uplay service being tonight’s victims.

This week has proven to be somewhat difficult for gamers who spend most of their in-game time online, or who use digital platforms for purchasing games. So far, Steam, Origin,, and affiliated titles, Battlefield 4, and Xbox Live have all been at the mercy of hackers this week; attacks aren’t slowing down, as DERP has claimed responsibility for yet another DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)attack- this time, on Ubisoft and their Uplay service:

Currently, the Ubisoft website is back up and functioning normally, but fans are still claiming through Facebook and Twitter that several Ubisoft titles are displaying server errors upon entering online play.

….Perhaps this would be a good weekend to grind through Single-Player modes for those extra Achievements and Trophies, as it seems going for Online-play is a very risky choice.

Source: Twitter
Image courtesy of Ubisoft

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