‘Project Root’ Soars Onto PC Next Month

The pseudo-top-down shooter from OPQAM Games lands on PC in February, with other platform releases following in the months after.

Project Root is a 3D, pseudo-top-down-shooter from Argentinian Indie developers OPQAM. The project originally began as a Kickstarter campaign on Oct. 2, but was cancelled on Oct. 28; despite the halted crowd-funding campaign, Project Root has continued with development, and is currently listed on Steam Greenlight. Where traditional “shmups” (shoot-em-ups) feature a fixed-perspective and horizontal/vertical scrolling, Project Root offers open-world levels with a main objective and several side missions, with a free camera-movement and aiming for 360-degree action; Root also features two planes of attack, as enemies launch their assault from both ground and air:

A trial level of Project Root is currently available to download from OPQAM’s official website; the full version will be available for PC sometime this February, with a Linux version coming in March, and the PS Vita version arriving in April. Steam users can vote for Project Root to have an official release on Steam through the Steam Greenlight page.

Source: OPQAM Games, Steam Greenlight, Kickstarter
Image courtesy of OPQAM Games

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