Steam Now Offers Pre-Order Refunds

Digital items are typically “final” upon purchase, but that’s no longer the case as Steam users now have the ability to cancel pre-ordered titles.

With more than 65 million users, Steam is one of the largest digital distributors on the internet. No matter what outlet people use, once a digital item is purchased, the transaction is typically “final” on the spot; cancelling a transaction can become a nightmarish process that often includes going through several tiers of customer service and financial representatives. While Steam is no exception, Valve’s PC-gaming store now allows for users to cancel and receive a full refund for pre-ordered items. Users have been able to do so in the past, but the process involved going through Steam Support; the entire ordeal has been simplified to a “Refund an Item” option that can be found on the user’s transaction page.

While the purchaseĀ will be refunded, credit is returned in the form of Steam Wallet currency; while some may view that as an issue, it’s still better than pre-ordering a digital title, only to get stuck with a lack-luster experience.

Source: Joystiq
Image courtesy of Valve

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