‘Divekick Addition Edition’ Now Available For PS3 and PC

The update to the satirical Fighting game, Divekick Addition Edition is now available for PC and PS3 as both a digital upgrade and standalone game.

Released last year from Iron Galaxy and One True Game, Divekick is a satirical parody fighting game that uses only two buttons. As the “dive kick” is often the most powerful base attack, and one that can be easily abused in a match, Divekick took that tactic and based an entire game off of that one technique. According to a recent Tweet from the official Divekick Twitter, the upgraded Addition Edition would release this weekend.

Iron Galaxy followed suit, as Divekick Addition Edition is now available through PSN and Steam. The updated version fixes several bugs and addresses some issues involving character balancing; the expansive list of changes can be found in the official Divekick forum. Those who already own the original Divekick will receive Addition Edition as a free update, while everyone else can purchase Addition Edition as a standalone title through PSN and Steam, for $9.99.

The PS Vita version will arrive “shortly there after”, and will feature new characters, the first of which will be revealed on 4/8. A release date has not been announced, but Divekick is also in-development for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Sources: Twitter, Polygon
Image courtesy of Iron Galaxy Studios, One True Game Studios

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