‘Transistor’ Comes To PC and PS4 In Late May

The next epic tale from Supergiant Games, Transistor will arrive on the PS4 and PC on May 20.

Approximately one year ago this month (i.e. PAX East 2013), Supergiant Games debuted their upcoming project, Transistor. Following in line with their previous title Bastion, Transistor is an isometric action RPG, featuring strategy-based combat set within a sci-fi world. As with its spiritual predecessor, Transistor will feature atmospheric storytelling from an environmental and narrative standpoint. A new blog post from the official Supergiant Games website reveals that both the PS4 and PC versions will release on May 20. While pre-orders are not currently available, the developers are currently looking into it, and will update the public when that option becomes available.

Transistor will release via PSN, Steam, and the Supergiant Games website; all versions will cost $19.99 in the US, and €18.99/£14.99 for EU.

Source: Supergiant Games
Image courtesy of Supergiant Games

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