‘Battletoads’ Trademark Filed By Microsoft


A certain trio of toads may have a comeback on the horizon, as Microsoft has filed a new trademark for Battletoads.

Back in the 90’s, Rare was one of Nintendo’s most dominant 3rd-party developers. “Rareware” at the time, the studio created such classics as the Banjo Kazooie saga, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye 64, and the Donkey Kong Country series. However, rewinding the clock back to 1991 reveals that Rareware was also behind on e of the most devilishly challenging platformers of all time, Battletoads.

Released for the original NES in 1991, Battletoads is regarded as not just one of the hardest official NES games ever released, but the cult-classic is often considered to be one of the hardest games of all time. While the franchise was short-lived, Battletoads received a sequel on the SNES, a cross-over game with Double Dragon, an arcade game, and a very brief cartoon series- only the pilot episode was aired on national television.

Earlier today, a NeoGAF user discovered that Microsoft had filed a trademark on Nov. 5 for Battletoads. While the original games were published by Tradewest, the Battletoads property shifted to Rare after the company’s collapse. In light of several trademarks ending up as hoaxes (i.e. Portal 3, Half Life 3, Fallout 4), Microsoft issued a cryptic statement to Polygon, stating that the company “often acquires various trademarks as part of its ongoing business strategy”.

While there is no confirmation that a Battletoads project is actually in development, it is possible that Rare is planning on bringing yet another classic franchise back for the Xbox One. Of course, this may also be a simple move to protect assets; earlier today, Bethesda stated that their recent trademark renewal of “Pip Boy” was simply to protect their assets, as it also “helps in dealing with infringement stuff”.

Sources: NeoGAF, Polygon, US Patent and Trademark Office, Twitter
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