‘BlazBlue’ Rhythm-Cooking Game Coming To Android/iOS Next Month

BlazBlue’s Ragna the Bloodedge takes on food in a new rhythm game coming to mobile platforms this January.

Cooking-based hybrid games have been on the rise lately, with the Kickstarter-funded Battle Chef Brigade and the Senran Kagura spin-off Dekamori! Senran Kagura/Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit! on the PS Vita. Arc System Works is about to try its hand rhythm-meets-cooking games with Eat Beat Mr. Dead Spike for iOS and Android devices.

Eat Beat Mr. Dead Spike is a BlazBlue franchise spin-off featuring staple character Ragna the Bloodedge. Players take control of Ragna as he feeds copious amounts of food to the otherworldly Dead Spike; this is done by tapping and holding various symbols on the screen. Eat Beat Mr. Dead Spike features remixes of various BlazBlue tracks, including “Rebellion II”, “Cactus Carnival II” and “Bullet Dance II”.

Eat Beat Mr. Dead Spike will be available for iOS and Android platforms as a free download this January for Japan; a North American release has not been confirmed.

Source: Arc System Works
Images courtesy of Arc System Works

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