‘Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden’ Coming To Japan This Summer

The handheld Dragon Ball Z fighting game from Arc System Works is launching for the Nintendo 3DS in just a few months.

Back in February, Bandai Namco and Arc System Works announced Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden as the next handheld adaptation of the Dragon Ball  franchise. While Arc System Works may have a strong reputation for developing solid fighting games, Extreme Butoden will be their first attempt at a Dragon Ball Z fighting game, following after more than 20 others across numerous consoles.

According to the latest issue of V-Jump Magazine (via Anime News Network), Extreme Butoden will release for the Nintendo 3DS on June 11. Those who either pre-order or purchase the game during the launch-window have a chance at receiving a “first-print” edition, containing a code to download the Super Famicom title Dragon Ball Z: Cho Butoden 2 for the 3DS eShop, and a “Disc Cross” CD containing Freeza’s golden form from “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F”.

Much like the previous handheld games, Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden will play as a 2D fighter, featuring over 100 characters from the combined DBZ anime series and film saga. A localized release has not been announced for Extreme Butoden.

Source: Anime News Network, DBZ:EB Official Website
Image courtesy of Bandai Namco, Arc System Works

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