‘Street Fighter V’ Trailer Shows “M. Bison” In Action

Street Fighter‘s most persistent antagonist returns for more in the next chapter of Capcom’s legendary franchise.

Though Ultra Street Fighter IV may still be a fresh entry to the SF saga, Capcom is already gearing up for Street Fighter V. Ushering in the next-gen debut of Capcom’s long-running fighting game franchise, Street Fighter V uses an enhanced visual engine complete with abundant particle effects, interactive stage elements,  and subtle real-time battle-wear on each character’s clothes. The “3D-inking” technique from Street Fighter IV is still present, though not as defined as previous installments.

Earlier today, a new trailer for SFV confirmed that the reoccurring villain M. Bison would make yet another appearance as a playable character. Bison and his destructive Psycho Power can be seen below, courtesy of IGN; not only are his normal attacks imbued with Psycho Power, but he also appears to have the ability to deflect projectiles, akin to the character Rose:

Street Fighter V is currently in-development for PS4 and PC; Capcom has no plans to release the Fighter for other platforms, nor has a release window been scheduled. Confirmed characters include Ryu and Chun-Li from the debut gameplay, along with the return of Charlie from the Street Fighter Alpha saga.

Source: Capcom (via IGN)
Image courtesy of Capcom

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