Now Playing: ‘D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die’

Come along for a supernatural murder-mystery, with D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die on Twitch.

Now that the convention season is slowly winding down, I now have time to get back to managing the external limbs of ThePlatformer- Twitch and YouTube. Every Tuesday-Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon, I’ll be broadcasting a variety of games on my page; some days will have a random game, while others may be a themed event, such as “Shoot-Em-Up Saturday” or “Throwback Thursday”. Weeknight streams will last roughly two hours, with much longer events happening on weekends.

For tonight’s entertainment, I’ll be streaming the PC version of D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die from Access Games and “Swery65”. If you happen to miss the live, uncut broadcasts, the entire play-through will find itself on YouTube upon completion.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die starts this evening at 7:30pm CST on, and will continue through the week until completion.

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