SGC 2015: Hands-On With ‘Circuit Breakers’

Grab some friends and get ready for an intense twin-stick-shooter experience with Circuit Breakers.

Texas-based developer Triverske made their SGC Indie Heaven debut this year, bringing their upcoming title Circuit Breakers to the show floor. A chaotic twin-stick-shooter, developer Troy Bonneau stated that their game draws influences from the likes of Smash TV and Boxhead, with a few gameplay nods to Cave Story.

During my run of the Indie Heaven area, I had the pleasure of doing a co-op endless run alongside one of the developers. Our chaotic session put us against countless robots in closed arenas, with enemies flooding in from all sides. The SGC build contained four playable characters, each with his or her own signature weapon; I chose “Alex”, gunning my way through robots with a machine gun. When enemies are destroyed, they explode releasing tons of blue crystals into the stage. When enough crystals are collected- as indicated by a circular meter around the player’s character- the character’s weapon will upgrade by one level.

My newly acquired firepower was brief, as I soon discovered that the weapon’s level will decrease as ammunition is depleted; I found myself having to actually plan-out my shots, reluctantly fighting the urge to carelessly unload my entire clip. Even with two players tackling Circuit Breakers, there were numerous times where I had to retreat from the action and seek refuge behind destructible objects within each stage. While these objects will provide temporary cover, players can also destroy them to gain health, or release a massive amount of crystals.

Circuit Breakers is admittedly challenging, but with help from a few friends, can prove to be a frantic, incredibly entertaining shooter. The title is currently listed on Steam Greenlight, and will see an official release across PC, Mac and Linux this October. While the Kickstarter campaign only has mere hours remaining, those who are interested in Triverske’s title can download a free demo, which features support for four-player couch co-op.

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