‘Hush-Hush 229’ Stealth/Visual Novel Hybrid Sneaks Onto Kickstarter

A “second-person” game of sorts, Hush-Hush 229 puts the player in the shoes of a support personnel as she guides agents through a high-stakes infiltration mission.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain may have shaken up the original formula, however the MGS franchise and its spin-offs are some of the most influential titles of the Stealth genre. Whether it was Naked Snake and the “Virtuous Mission”, Solid Snake’s infiltration of Shadow Moses Island, or Raiden’s less-than-subtle attack on World Marshall and Desperado Enforcement, the protagonists of the Metal Gear universe are some of the most versatile soldiers in gaming. Behind each character is a team of individuals that keep the protagonist in check with their own unique skills, be it combat advice, survival tactics, environmental observation or medical procedures.

Enter Hush-Hush 229, a game in which the player assumes the role of a supporting character behind the protagonists of a Stealth game.

Hush-Hush 229 Kickstarter Gameplay Concept 2

Created by Artist/Illustrator Brigid Allanson (YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG) and built within Unity 5, Hush-Hush 229 debuted on Kickstarter last week with a unique spin on the Stealth genre. The player takes the role of Candy Clark, an office-based Analyst and Save Data Assistant whom field agents report to when out on missions. While Candy may not find herself out in the line of fire, she has the ability to guide agents through “conflict zones” by hacking into security cameras and terminals, offer a “pep talk”, or save the agents’ current “game” progress; Hush-Hush 229 essentially plays out from the perspective of MGS‘s Mei Ling or Courtney Collins from MGR: Revengeance.

If the Kickstarter project is funded, backers can expect Hush-Hush 229 to be a 3-4 hour replayable experience between visual novel storytelling and stealth-based puzzles; the campaign is currently sitting at $1,650 of the proposed $20,000 funding goal. Contribution tiers begin at $10, ensuring a digital copy of Hush-Hush 229 upon release; higher tiers include a 90 min. soundtrack, digital art book, concept art collection, Beta access and personal Skype updates with creator Brigid Allanson.

Hush-Hush 229 Cast Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for Hush-Hush 229 will close on 2/11; if the campaign is successful, Hush-Hush 229 is projected to release for PS4, PS Vita and PC in August 2017.

Source: Kickstarter
Images courtesy of Brigid Allanson

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