‘Rising Thunder’ Closes Following Radiant Entertainment Acquisition

PC-exclusive Fighter Rising Thunder will be no more, as the Alpha will come to a permanent close following Riot’s acquisition of Radiant Entertainment.

A segment of EVO 2015 was dedicated towards an innovative new fighting game from developer Radiant Entertainment, the team behind the town-building RPG Stonehearth. Developed exclusively for PC, Rising Thunder intended to bridge the gap between casual and competitive gameplay, offering a complex fighting system behind a simplified 4-button control scheme; Light, Medium, Hard and Special attacks were dedicated to their own buttons, each with a directional variant. Rather than opt for the traditional multi-direction inputs for special moves, players could select a character-specific single-button Special before each match; to avoid “spamming”, these moves utilized a “cooldown” timer.

Radiant Entertainment recently announced the studio was acquired by League of Legends developer Riot Games. An official statement from Radiant confirms that while the Stonehearth Alpha will remain active, the Alpha build of Rising Thunder will permanently close on March 18. While further details have not been stated, Radiant is currently working on a new title which the team is “incredibly excited about”.

Both Rising Thunder and Stonehearth can still be downloaded through Radiant Entertainment, with the latter also available through Steam Greenlight.

Source: Radiant Entertainment
Image courtesy of Radiant Entertainment

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