QuakeCon 2016: First Look At ‘Quake Champions’

Old school competition with new character abilities, Quake returns to its origins with Quake Champions.

id Software Studio Director Tim Willits gave QuakeCon 2016 attendees the first look at both the¬†Quake Champions gameplay trailer and extended footage during the QuakeCon¬†welcoming ceremony. Those who mustered the exciting grand finals for both Quake World and Quake Live Saturday night were shown two Quake Champions exhibition matches featuring the best players of this year’s tournaments.

The final event of QuakeCon 2016, attendees were treated to two exhibition matches for Quake Champions– “Team Deathmatch” and the new “Sacrifice” mode. Featuring the likes of Quake Live finalists “Rapha” and “Evil”, and Doom speedrunner “DraQu”, the two teams of 5 began the event with a 10 min round of Sacrifice on a brand new map. Champions‘s rendition of “King of the Hill”, the two teams fight to control two points on the map; once both points belong to a single team, the controlling team is awarded gameplay perks and modifiers with every kill, including increased movement speed, weapon capacity and additional health and armor. Though the complete roster of Champions is still in works, fans still got to see classic heroes of the Quake universe such as Ranger, Anarchy and Visor. Each character has his or her own cooldown-based ability; those featured most often in the exhibition match were Ranger’s “Dire Orb” allowing him to teleport wherever the Orb lands, and Visor’s 5 sec. X-ray vision.

The true potential and speed of Quake Champions reared its head with Team Deathmatch, a mode that remains unchanged from its previous iterations. Both teams fight to reach the highest amount of kills before the time limit expires, or until one team reaches a preset kill cap; the exhibition match had a “Frag” cap of 100 kills to decide the winning team. The first of many returning maps, the Deathmatch round took place on Blood Covenant, a reimagining of Quake III Arena‘s “Hero’s Keep” (Map Q3DM9); apart from a clear visual upgrade, the map has been expanded to include more hallways and allow for more vertical movement.

Quake Champions will enter its Open Beta phase in early 2017. The full game is expected to release exclusively for PC later next year.

Image courtesy of id Software, Bethesda

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