‘Battlefield 1’ Gets New Gamescom Trailer, Open Beta Coming Soon

Battlefield 1‘s multiplayer shines in the new Gamescom 2016 trailer.

With Germany’s own Gamescom on the horizon, EA and DICE revealed more gameplay footage for October’s Battlefield 1. The latest chapter of the franchise thrusts players into an alternate WWI featuring military technology not seen until the 1940’s. The latest gameplay footage highlights the competitive multiplayer aspect of the title with a 64-player skirmish across the Sinai Desert. The Battlefield franchise is known for its use of military vehicles across ground, sea and sky, however horses and the new Armored Train “Behemoth” vehicle are at the forefront of the Gamescom trailer.

Battlefield 1 publisher EA announced today that the public multiplayer Beta will go live on 8/31 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The open test will include the “Sinai Desert” map along with three classes to choose from; players can go head-to-head using the Sentry, Flame Trooper and Tank Hunter between the present Conquest and Rush modes.

Battlefield Insider members will gain access to the multiplayer Beta earlier than scheduled, however a date has not been specified.

Battlefield 1 will launch for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 10/21.

Source: EA
Image courtesy of DICE

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