E3 2017: ‘Beyond Good And Evil 2’ Revived As Prequel Title

Thought to have been banished to the realm of vaporware, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is back at E3 2017.

Despite being a commercial failure for not meeting sales expectations, 2003’s Beyond Good and Evil garnered a huge cult following among gamers. Members of the original development team within Ubisoft hinted at a sequel being in-works in a 2007 interview with now-defunct magazine Nintendo Power, but the project was never finalized; two trailers eventually made their way online- one from Ubisoft’s discontinued “Ubidays” event, and another via an internal leak- but the proposed sequel never evolved past its conceptual phase.

14 years after the original’s release, Ubisoft officially confirmed Beyond Good and Evil 2 to be in development. The long-awaited second installment will be a prequel to the 2003 cult-classic, set in the trade-oriented sector of the universe, “System 3”. Details are scarce, but according to the title’s new website, Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks to be a heavily story and exploration-driven game featuring seamless single-player and multiplayer gameplay.

Players will embark on what is described as a pirate’s journey “to fight for freedom” and their “fate among the stars”. Ubisoft released a somewhat cryptic cinematic teaser during their E3 2017 presentation, but have since given some backstory behind the trailer, even if it still fails to give insight into the story of Beyond Good and Evil 2: The action is set within the City of Ganesha, one of the many stations of System 3 modeled after the cultures of “Old Earth”. A deal between pirates Knox and Shani and Zhou Yuzhu of Ganesha’s criminal underworld goes awry, forcing the pirate duo to flee back to their ship Gada, but not before taking a universal map as a souvenir.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is currently in development by Ubisoft Montpelier with no release window as of this time.

Source: Ubisoft
Image courtesy of Ubisoft Montpelier

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