‘NieR: Automata’, ‘Bloodborne’, ‘Dark Souls’, ‘Street Fighter’ Collectibles Shown At SDCC 2017

Square Enix, Gecco and others brought their upcoming wave of collectibles to the show floor of San Diego Comic-Con.

The final day of San Diego Comic-Con is coming to a close, but not without leaving behind a bevy of hype and excitement for comic book fans around the world; the past 72 hours unleashed new content for the likes of Justice League, Westworld, Star Trek: Discovery, Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite, Injustice 2, Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok and even Ant-Man and the Wasp. For those in attendance- and for the lucky few who witnessed the online leak- SDCC 2017 fans even got a first look at next year’s Avengers: Infinity War.

TV and movie trailers aren’t the only thing generating buzz this weekend, as SDCC 2017 has plenty of surprises in store for collectible-aficionados. Museum-quality statue manufacturer Gecco Corp. brought several upcoming pieces from Dark Souls III, Bloodborne and NightCry to the show floor:

Currently scheduled to release this October is a 1/6th scale statue of the “Doll”, a resident of the “Hunter’s Dream” in Bloodborne. Standing at approximately 35cm/17.8in. from the base to the peak of the Doll’s hood, each statue is sculpted from ABS and PVC and features intricate handmade detailing. Gecco also teased a future “The Old Hunters” DLC variant statue of their 1/6th scale “Hunter” collectible. While it’s listed as a product exclusively for SDCC 2017 attendees, Gecco will release a severely-limited number of “Siegmeyer of Catarina” statues through select retailers. The famed “Onion Knight” of Dark Souls lore has been recreated in polystone at 1/6th scale, standing at approximately 37cm/14.6in. tall. Though it was not present at Gecco’s SDCC booth, the collectible manufacturer will be adding one more statue to their Dark Souls line in the near future; teased in the promotional announcement image included below, Gecco is presently working on a 1/6th scale statue of the “Knight of Astoria, Oscar”.

Gecco will also pay homage to NightCry, the crowdfunded spiritual-successor to the Clock Tower saga. A release date, price and prototype model have not been officially shown, however Gecco provided fans- and press- with a promotional image of their future “Scissorwalker” statue; the upcoming collectible will feature the cloaked scissor-wielding demon at 1/6th scale, though exact dimensions have not been given. The statue itself will be designed by Masahiro Ito and Hifumi Kono- the Art Director of the Silent Hill franchise and the Director behind NightCry and the Clock Tower series.

Kotobukiya brought their line of Japanese collectibles in full-force, complete with announcements of Bishoujo series Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman statues. On the gaming side of their products, Kotobukiya revealed two more Bishoujo line collectibles for Street Fighter V; Chun-Li will be the first of the two new statues, with the new variant clad in her “Battle Dress” DLC costume; only a prototype was shown, but an “Alpha/Zero” costume Cammy variant is also in production.

From Square Enix’s Bring Arts line, NieR: Automata‘s 2B will receive a collectible figure, complete with a Pod unit and Machine Lifeform; as it’s still in its prototype phase, a release window and suggested price have not been announced, but photos from SDCC 2017 can be seen below courtesy of Square Enix’s Japanese Twitter account.

Gecco’s Bloodborne “Doll” statue is currently available for pre-order through Play-Asia, Solaris Japan, AmiAmi and other collectible retail sites for roughly $315-$320, and is expected to ship this October; SDCC 2017 attendees can purchase “Siegmeyer of Catarina” directly from Gecco for $299.99, however other outlets will offer pre-orders in extremely limited supply- Play-Asia and Ultra Tokyo Connection are among the few with open pre-orders.

Kotobukiya’s Street Fighter V Bishoujo Chun-Li and Cammy statues are not available for purchase, but are expected to release later this year. The Bring Arts “2B and Machine Lifeform” figures, Gecco’s “Knight of Astoria, Oscar”, Bloodborne: The Old Hunters “Hunter” statue, and the NightCry “Scissorwalker” statues currently have no release window, nor are they available to pre-order as of this time.

Sources: Gecco, Kotobukiya, Square Enix (via Twitter)
Images courtesy of Gecco, Kotobukiya, Square Enix, FromSoftware, Nude Maker Co, Playism, Capcom, Platinum Games

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