‘ARMS’ “Version 3.0” Update Includes Input And Sensitivity Customization

The upcoming ARMS update brings some much-needed input options for both the traditional controller crowd and motion-control players alike.

Following the release of Grand Prix’s final boss Max Brass and the accompanying Sky Arena stage, Nintendo is gearing up for the next big content update for ARMS. The “Version 3.0” update was first revealed last month with a tease for the next free DLC character, Lola Pop. The street-performing clown will arrive with three new Arms, and her own stage featuring a crooked, snaked arena situated in a candy-themed market square, as shown in the trailer below.

Though a release date has not been issued for the next update, Nintendo of Europe teased a new feature to be included with Version 3.0; the upcoming content update will add controller customization- an essential tool for fighting games. In a brief 30-second clip shared on Twitter via Nintendo of Europe, ARMS fans can catch glimpses of the new “Settings” menu accessible from the “Fighter Select” screen; by pressing “X” on either the Joy-Cons or a Switch Pro Controller, ARMS players will soon have the option of remapping the button layout across all input styles (i.e. Tablet Mode, Single Joy-Con, Thumbs-Up Grip, Switch Pro Controller); for those who enjoy using the motion-controls provided by the Thumbs-Up Grip style, the new update will finally give users the ability to adjust the sensitivity for both movement and offensive options independently.

The ARMS Version 3.0 update has no expected arrival window, but a proper release date may be announced during the Nintendo Direct coming this Wednesday.

Source: Nintendo of Europe (via Twitter)
Image courtesy of Nintendo

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