‘Worms W.M.D.’ Coming Soon To Nintendo Switch

The 20-year war between artillery-packing worms takes the battle to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Team17’s comedic multiplayer tactics franchise is about to invade the Nintendo Switch with its latest installment, Worms W.M.D. Developer Team17 originally revealed the future Switch release late last month, however Nintendo has since uploaded the official trailer to their own YouTube channel. The Nintendo Switch version can be played in TV Mode, Tablet Mode, with the singular Joy-Cons, or with a Switch Pro Controller; players will also have the option to wage war online, over LAN through multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, two-player mode with both Joy-Con controllers, or pass the console around in traditional Worms “Hot Seat” player-rotating fashion.

Worms W.M.D. still retains its core turn-based tactical gameplay elements, however the latest installment improves on its 22-year legacy through the addition of vehicles for heavy mobile artillery, and complex forts integrated into the randomly-generated terrain. The Switch version will also include two new “Mushroom” and “Tree” Fort structures and a new “Space” map theme; new customization options include three new Worm outfits and three extra gravestone options.

An official release window for the Nintendo Switch version of Worms W.M.D. has yet to be announced, however a proper date may be revealed during the upcoming Nintendo Direct scheduled for Wednesday.

Source: Team17
Image courtesy of Team17, Nintendo

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