Soul Calibur II HD Online Coming to PSN/XBLA

The flame still burns, as earlier today, Namco Bandai revealed that an updated version of Soul Calibur II will land on consoles this fall, in the form of Soul Calibur II HD Online. While Namco Bandai has yet to release more information, it’s safe to assume that online multiplayer will be a key element in this version. As with the original version on PS2, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada announced at SDCC that cross-over character Heihachi will appear in the PS3 version; there’s currently no word on Spawn, or another platform-exclusive character appearing in the 360 version.

Link, the Nintendo-exclusive cross-over character from the GameCube version, is out of the picture, as there are no plans at the moment for a Wii U release.

Sources: Destructoid, GameSpot

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