Pikmin 3 Sales Top Last Week’s Charts In Japan

While the US needs to wait until August 4th for a localized release, Pikmin 3 released July 13th in Japan, and secured the top spot in last week’s video game sales.

Pikmin 3 was the highest-selling game of last week, selling 92,720 copies; according to Siliconera, this was roughly 48% of retail allocation. While 92,720 is a strong number for opening-week sales, Pikmin 2 had a much stronger opening week, selling 160,000 units. A contributing factor could be that Pikmin 3 doesn’t have “console familiarity” to guide it in the market:

While Pikmin 3 is a sequel to a best-selling game (Pikmin 2 on the Nintendo GameCube sold 484,000 copies), it’s ‘detached’ from the series, due to the fact that it’s on a different system than its predecessors: It may not sell as well in the short run, only because consumers would need to purchase a new system in order to play it.

However, Pikmin 3 boosted Wii U sales in Japan last week, as 22,199 units were sold.

Sources: GameInformer, IGN, Siliconera

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