Saints Row IV Panel Reveals DLC And More Game Details

Deep Silver Volition hosted a free-form Q&A panel for Saints Row IV today at SDCC, featuring Studio Head Steve Jaros, and voice actors J.B. Blanc, Troy Baker, Laura Bailey and Yuri Lowenthal. During the panel, more details and the creative process behind the antics of Saints Row IV were given:

  • Members of the Ronin gang from Saints Row II will be present in Saints Row IV
  • Steve Jaros says that players will find a reasonable explanation for why Johnny Gat returns
  • The original ending included a Bollywood-inspired dance number, but was later scrapped
  • Saints Row IV will not have a pro-wrestling gang, like Saints Row the Third‘s Luchadores
  • The “Zombie” voice option will not be included, as according to Jaros, “A joke is funny once.”

It was also announced that the once Saints Row the Third DLC “Enter the Dominatrix”, will be coming to Saints Row IV, 45 days after launch, and will feature a “behind the scenes style narration as the characters explain why the content was cut from the game”.

Jaros also went on to discuss other background topics, such as Volition’s time during the THQ Bankruptcy; Deep Silver has been “hands-off” during the creative process, leaving the game entirely to its developers. He also went on to say that the idea of the Dubstep Gun can be blamed on “the presence of beer in the office”, and was created independently by two separate teams.

Saints Row IV releases on Aug. 20th, for 360, PS3 and PC.

Source: GameInformer

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