Final Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC Now Available

The existence of Corporal Dwayne Hicks in Aliens: Colonial Marines came as a surprise to many, as the character was confirmed to be dead in Alien 3. While a paper-thin explanation towards his appearance is given by the character in question, players will finally uncover what actually happened to Corporal Hicks in the newest Colonial Marines DLC, “Stasis Interrupted”. For those who may be unfamiliar with the chronology, Aliens: Colonial Marines follows shortly after the events of Alien 3; Hicks is confirmed to have died due to impalement from an escape pod crash…According to Colonial Marines, Hicks wasn’t in the pod at the time of the crash, as the ship’s computer woke him from hypersleep during a Weyland-Yutani takeover. At some point between Aliens and Alien 3, he was captured, and another unnamed body was placed inside the escape pod in his place. “Stasis Interrupted” explains the events that take place during this gap, and will have players fight their way through a Xenomorph-ridden ship as three different characters. “Stasis Interrupted” is available today, and will cost $10 for those who did not purchase the Season Pass.

Sources: GameSpot, Steam

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