Sixteen Titles Have Been Greenlit On Steam

Steam Greenlight is a community-driven service in which developers can post their ideas, concepts, applications and unfinished games onto the Steam platform for the community to rate; the highest rated projects are then eligible to be published and sold through Steam. While hopeful developers have voiced flaws with the service in the past, Greenlight still proves to be a viable platform, as sixteen more games have just been “Greenlit”.

An amazingly diverse group of games and applications have just been Greenlit, ranging from a lampooned take on the fighting-game genre, to a fleshed-out audio editor:

The cult-classic, psychological-horror Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut will be making its PC debut with the help of Greenlight; Divekick, a parody of fighting games which has generated a mass internet following, is also headed to Steam (and to PS3 and Vita on Aug. 20th); the retro-inspired BROFORCE will also be coming to Steam via Greenlight; for those who want to try their hands at audio editing, Dexster Audio Editor has also been Greenlit.

Other titles include:

Sources: Steam Greenlight, Destructoid, Indiestatik, GameInformer

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