PS3-To-PS4 Upgrade Fees Controlled By Publishers

While Sony is running a promotion that offers discounts on digital copies of PS4 games for those who own their PS3 versions, the company will not set the discounted price, as that all lies within the control of publishers.

Sony recently unveiled a new promotion that allows for owners of certain PS3 titles to purchase digital versions of their upgraded PS4 counterparts at a discounted price. According to GameSpot, UK Managing Director Fergal Gara stated that Sony will not be in charge of the upgrade fees for the featured games, but that publishers such as Ubisoft and Activision will set the promotional price for their corresponding products, and that the prices will be “fair” to the consumer. Amazon and GameStop are also running similar promotions of their own, where consumers can trade in their PS3 and Xbox 360 copies of games for their PS4 and Xbox One versions for $50 credit.

Publishers included in Sony’s promotion include EA, Activision, Ubsioft and Warner Bros.

Source: Gamespot

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