‘Lily Bergamo’ Trademarked In NA

Lily Bergamo, the next title from Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture, along with GungHo Entertainment, has been officially trademarked in North America.

Shortly after the release of Killer Is Dead, a trailer for another new game from Grasshopper Manufacture was revealed during TGS 2013- Lily Bergamo. While the title still stands behind a shroud of mystery when it comes to gameplay mechanics, a few details were given via Siliconera and TGS: Lily Bergamo will be an Online Action-RPG; players will take the role of Tae Ioroi in the year 2043; the world draws from both Japanese and Western cultures; the console version will be a PS4-exclusive, but a companion version based in the same world will be playable for mobile devices.

More recently, a new trademark for Lily Bergamo was registered for the North American region, hinting at a localized release. While no official release date has been announced- there’s no gameplay footage, just the TGS Teaser- Grasshopper is shooting for a 2014 release.

Sources: Destructoid, Siliconera

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