NVidia Shield Update Brings Major Changes

The NVidia Shield received a system update today, along with an updated OS, new features and bug-fixes.

Earlier today, NVidia administered a digital upgrade for their Android-powered gaming console, the Shield. Today’s update fixed several software bugs, and upgraded the OS to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. More software features were added, including Gamepad Mapper, Console Mode, and the now publicly-available GameStream service:

The Shield’s new Gamepad Mapper feature allows users to customize and macro control schemes for individual games, switch from gamepad to touch-screen controls, and map touch-screen gestures to the gamepad for better accessibility. Much like Steam’s future cloud-storage system for the Steam Controller, Gamepad Mapper settings can be stored and shared through NVidia’s cloud storage system. GameStream is a service which allows for specific titles to be streamed from a PC onto the Shield; as of today, it is now out of Beta, and available for the public. Console Mode, a new feature that optimizes the TV-experience for the Shield, was also released today: Console Mode disables the Shield’s native 720p display in order to produce a 1080p TV resolution; a wireless controller can then be synced with the Shield for a true, living-room, console-style experience.

The NVidia Shield is currently available for $299.99, but is $100-off if purchased with select NVidia GTX cards.

Source: TheVerge
Image courtesy of TheVerge, NVidia

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