‘EDF 2025’ Coming In February 2014

While Earth Defense Force 2025 is coming to the PS3 in February of next year, pre-orders start tomorrow with a few extra digital perks.

Earth Defense Force/EDF is a notable “Simple” series from Japanese publisher D3; the games consist of 3rd-person shooting in a war against titanic insects, and include such titles as EDF: 2017 and EDF: Insect Armageddon. The next chapter of the series, EDF: 2025 will be available in February 2014 in physical and digital release for the PS3. Starting tomorrow, pre-orders will open at GameStop and other various retailers, each with their own set of pre-order-exclusive digital content:

Air Raider Weapon Pack: (GameStop):

Pure Decoy Launcher- Distracts enemies with a balloon of an “attractive female”
BMO3 Vegalta Gold- Gold-plated edition of the Vegalta

Fencer Weapons Pack (Unnamed Retailer):

Ifrit- Cluster-incendiary-bomb-rocket
Blood Storm- “A cannon that rains down damage on a wide area”

Wing Diver Weapons Pack (Unnamed Retailer):

Reflectron Laser- Two-directional laser
Gleipnir- “Fires multiple energy balls”

Ranger Weapons Pack (Unnamed Retailer):

Volatile Napalm- Large-area napalm strike
Pure Decoy Launcher- Same as Air Raider pack

EDF 2025 features more than 700 weapons, and as a new addition to the console series, 4-player online co-op.

Source: Polygon, PlayStation
Image courtesy of Sony

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