‘EDF 2025’ And “Special Ops” DLC Release Date Announced, Future DLC Planned

Earth Defense Force 2025 and its day-one DLC invade the 360 and PS3 next month.

EDF publisher D3 announced earlier today that Earth Defense Force 2025 will be coming to consoles on Feb. 18, along with the “Special Ops” DLC; according to Polygon, Special Ops will add an additional five missions, for the low price of $2.99. Future DLC plans include “Mutant Rampage” and “Beyond Despair”; each DLC will cost $8.99, and include an extra 20 missions each. While it’s unknown whether or not it will be localized for other regions, the “Earth Defense Force 4” DLC will be available for the Japanese version; EDF 2025 is the fourth title in the series to be developed in Japan, and has the alternate title of Chikyū Bōeigun 4.

Earth Defense Force 2025 releases on 2/18 for 360 and PS3 for $49.95; those who pre-order from specified retailers will receive retailer-specific DLC weapons. The Mutant Rampage DLC will arrive on 2/25, with “Beyond Despair” following next month on 3/11.

Source: Polygon
Image courtesy of Sandlot, D3

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