‘Shovel Knight’ Coming In Late March, New Trailer Released

The highly anticipated crowd-funded platformer Shovel Knight is finally coming to Nintendo platforms and PC this March.

Last year, Yacht Club Games turned to Kickstarter to help fund Shovel Knight, a Mega Man-influenced platformer that pays homage to the early days of console video games; while $75,000 was needed to achieve the proposed goal, fans donated a whopping $311,502, which covered funding all stretch-goals. Shovel Knight was originally planned for a Sept. 2013 release, but has since been delayed in order to continue polishing the title, and to include the extra stretch-goal items. Earlier today, Yacht Club released a new trailer for Shovel Knight, demonstrating new environments and enemies, and revealing a definitive release date for March 31:

The PC version of Shovel Knight can be pre-ordered through Yacht Club’s website; funded platforms include Mac, Linux, Wii U and 3DS. Yacht Club is an Independent studio based in Valencia, CA comprised of former WayForward developers, lead by former WayForward Director Sean Velasco, with music composed by WayForward’s “Audio Guy” Jake Kaufman.

Sources: Yacht Club Games, Kickstarter
Image courtesy of Yacht Club Games

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