CastAR Kickstarter Surpasses $700,000, Movies Enabled

The Kickstarter campaign for CastAR has officially passed the 2nd stretch-goal of $700,000, meaning the headset will now feature the ability to project full movies and videos.

The CastAR has quickly turned into a “Swiss Army” headset of sorts, offering various means of augmented and virtual reality immersion across several different mediums; the headset can be used for gaming, for alternative medical studies, and a flight-simulator just to name a few. Over the weekend, the Kickstarter campaign surpassed $700,000, meaning yet another feature will be added to the device- the ability to project movies onto the retro-reflective surface, or watch in a widescreen format with the AR/VR attachments. 

CastAR is a prototype augmented-reality/virtual reality pair of glasses currently in-development by the duo of Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson of Technical Illusions; after a brief “tour” across several conventions and expos, the team created a Kickstarter in hopes to fund the device…which was funded within 53 hrs. With 10 days remaining in the campaign, an $800,000 stretch-goal still remains, which will include an integrated microphone and earbuds for team-based chat and positional audio.

Those who wish to contribute to the campaign can simply head over to Kickstarter: If you’d like a CastAR of your own, there’s a “Starter Package” tier for $189, which includes the CastAR and 1x1m retro-reflective surface. Higher tiers include larger surfaces, AR/VR clip-ons, RFID packs, and multiple headsets (all of which can be purchased individually).

The Kickstarter for CastAR will officially close on Nov. 14.

Source: Kickstarter
Image courtesy of Technical Illusions

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