‘Skullgirls’ Console Update Delayed Due To Rocky Business Relationships

Lab Zero Games is still hard at work developing those promised DLC characters and updates courtesy of the IndieGoGo campaign, and those console updates are coming, but due to some upsetting business situations, Skullgirls fans must continue to indefinitely wait for the 360/PS3 DLC.

Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow released a development update on the “Keep Skullgirls Growing” IndieGoGo page in regards to the DLC delay for console versions of Skullgirls; with the closure of the IndieGoGo campaign, not only were five DLC characters funded- along with stages, music, and extra “Announcer” voices- but a PC version was released, including several extras and the first DLC character- Squigly. While the PC version released a few months ago, and new footage of the second DLC character- Big Band- was revealed, console versions still have yet to receive the recent updates.

According to Bartholow, progress has been delayed on the console versions due to a rocky relationship between Autumn Games and Konami; as of today, the two are no longer partners. Autumn Games will take over as the publisher for the PS3 version, meaning the only other steps are to finish testing the patch content and submit the data to Sony for a review; once Autumn becomes the new registered publisher in Sony’s database, and the entire process has been completed, new updates will begin rolling in for the PS3 version. The 360 version faces a few more complications, as Microsoft’s policies do not support publishers of “digital only” titles (i.e. publishers who have never released a physical, retail game); as Autumn is ineligible, they have turned to MarvelousAQL in hopes that they will become the new publisher of Skullgirls for 360- if this does not happen, Skullgirls will be removed entirely from XBLA. Due to the “simple” process provided through Sony’s Indie model, updates will arrive on PS3 first, with 360 following shortly thereafter; Bartholow states that “the delay between the two shouldn’t be anything like that with the previous patch”.

As the terminated partnership with Konami does not affect the Japanese PS3 version of Skullgirls, patches will arrive within the same window as their US and European counterparts; Autumn will be working with Japanese distributor CyberFront in order to release patches in a timely manner.

Be patient for a little longer, Skullgirls console-players; DLC is coming.

Source: IndieGoGo

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