Patches And Updates Coming For Most ‘Battlefield 4’ Problems…Most

[Note: This article contains information about hacking software for the PC version of Battlefield 4. I do not condone, nor promote such software; I’m simply creating an awareness of the situation in case of an in-game encounter.]

Battlefield 4 was one of 2013’s most anticipated FPS titles across all respective platforms; sadly, since its launch in late-October, most users have experienced nothing but despair between hackers, crashes, bugs, and even DDOS attacks. Fortunately, some of these problems will be resolved in the near future…some of them, anyway.

No matter what platform gamers are playing it on, Battlefield 4 seems to have nothing but problems; thankfully, DICE and EA are aware of several bugs and crash reports, and will administer updates and patches over the next few weeks: According to an official thread on Battlelog, patches for the PS4 version’s stability issues, and glitches and instability in the PC version are both underway, along with an update currently in-development for the  360 version.

While the future updates are addressing several technical issues, one prevalent still remains across all platforms- hacking: As a warning to those with the PC version, an “aimbot” hacking package exists courtesy of; the hack allows the user to see the “Health” status and player-names of everyone on the opposing team anywhere on the map, as they will be indicated by red text and a rectangle. In addition to what is essentially a “radar hack”, the user is also capable of ranking-up at a much faster rate than allowed; at the moment, this hack is immune to PunkBuster and FairFight….That said, proceed with caution, PC-players:

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That is, assuming anyone can get into the PC version’s multi-player servers, as most of them were victims of a DDoS attack over the weekend: DDoS- “Distributed-Denial-of-Service”- attacks will temporarily overload a server or network with “login traffic”, making the system unavailable to anyone else who attempts to access the network. While no update-window was given, DICE has stated in the Battlelog forums that they are “doing [their] best to mitigate the situation…”

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