‘Borderlands 2’ “LootTheWorld” App Now Available For iOS/Android

Pandora’s weapons are now yours to find on the back of cereal boxes, batteries, potato chips and anything else with a barcode or QR code, with the new Borderlands 2 “LootTheWorld” smartphone app.

2K Games and Gearbox Software launched a new iOS/Android app for Borderlands 2; “LootTheWorld” allows users to “Shoot” barcodes and QR codes with their phone, which will potentially yield a weapon that can be transferred into Borderlands 2. The app currently has 20 inventory slots for weapons found in the “real world”; by spending “Stamps”, these weapons can be used in the SHiFT user’s Borderlands 2 game:

[Images are from my phone, an HTC One Silver:]


LootTheWorld also includes a personalized loot QR code for each user, online FAQ access, and access to the Gearbox Software Forums. The app is currently available for current Android and iOS devices, and is free to download.


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