New “Chun-Li” And “Vega” Statues Available For Pre-Order

Street Fighter fans and statue-collectors have two more items to put on their radar, as Tsume-Art’s upcoming Chun-Li and Vega statues are now available for pre-order.

French collectible manufacturer and distributor Tsume-Art has two new Street Fighter statues in their collection; series icons Chun-Li and Vega. For €119.90/$162.24 each, both statues are 1/8 scale with Chun-Li at 28cm/11in. and Vega standing at 35cm/13.8in. Chun-Li is modeled after her “Tenshokyaku” (the “spinning air kick”) technique; Vega features an interchangeable heads- one with his signature mask and one without:

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Vega and Chun-Li are available to pre-order through Tsume-Art, and will release sometime in Q2 2014.

Sources: Polygon, Tsume-Art
Images courtesy of Tsume-Art, Capcom

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