Multiplayer Problems Arise In Wake Of ‘Battlefield 4’ Updates

It may come as no surprise at this point, but Battlefield 4 players are reporting “respawn” issues and server problems just days after a platform-wide update.

Across this past week, updates were administered to Battlefield 4 across all platforms (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4); each patch addressed a series of common problems that players have been facing for the past few months, along with some balance-adjustments to the Attack Jets. According to Polygon, Battlefield 4 PC players have taken to Reddit to state that they’ve been encountering more post-update issues; users are stating that multiplayer has been marred with connectivity issues, as players are getting kicked out of servers, and are often unable to join servers at all; some players are falling victim to a “respawn” error, where they won’t return to a match upon dying.

While a statement on Battlelog states that DICE and EA are aware of the issue, users are also stating that the PS4 version is suffering from the same issues. For around-the-clock updates on patch-progress, check the official Battlelog “Control Room”.

Sources: Polygon, Battlelog, Reddit
Image courtesy of DICE, EA

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