PSN Vouchers For ‘Skullgirls Encore’ “Being (Slowly) Distributed”

Everyone who purchased a copy of the original Skullgirls will receive a voucher from Sony at some point; distribution began last night, but some fans and Lab Zero staff are still waiting to receive a digital copy of Encore.

As the past two years would claim, nothing has come easy for the developers of 2D-fighter Skullgirls. After a lengthy wait, Lab Zero Games announced that all of the current DLC, updates, additional stages and additional colors would finally come to consoles in a shiny new updated package- Skullgirls Encore. Originally set for a January release, the revamped Fighter was delayed due to technical and console-approval issues. An official announcement came from Lab Zero CEO Peter Bartholow via, stating that Skullgirls Encore had been approved by Sony, and would release on the evening of 2/11; both the blog and the official Skullgirls Twitter confirmed that owners of the original game would receive vouchers to download Encore from Sony, starting around 9pm PST.

While some players already have their hands on vouchers, a larger portion of Skullgirls fans are still waiting for theirs- Lab Zero staff included, as shown via Twitter:

To help with some clarity on the situation, Lab Zero has released a new FAQ, specifically regarding the PS3 vouchers. Some of the key points included are as follows:

  • Those who bought the original Skullgirls will receive vouchers FROM SONY.
  • Currently, vouchers are only being distributed in NA and SA.
  • As vouchers are distributed via Sony, Lab Zero Games has no control/power over the status of individual vouchers.
  • As of the FAQ going live (6pm CST), some fans and staff members still have yet to receive their vouchers.

Regarding “from Sony” being in all-caps earlier, “someone is on PSN with the name “Skullgirls” sending fake codes”. Only accept vouchers that come from Sony (example shown within the FAQ and on Twitter):

According to a very recent Tweet from the Skullgirls account, a batch of people were “missing” from the previous wave of vouchers; more will be sent out at 11pm PST/2am EST.

Lab Zero is currently waiting for Microsoft to approve the XBLA version of Skullgirls Encore; due to the architecture of Live, Encore will come as a digital update- not a “new game”- and all previously saved data will transfer.

Sources: Lab Zero Games, Twitter
Image courtesy of Lab Zero Games

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