‘Skullgirls Encore’ Launches Tonight On PSN

After several weeks of waiting, today marks the release of Skullgirls Encore on PS3; expect to have access to the Indie “fighter” sometime later this evening.

After several technical delays and a publisher fiasco, the much-anticipated Skullgirls Encore will arrive on PSN later this evening. Encore is more than a re-release of the since-delisted Skullgirls, as it contains all updates distributed within the PC version, DLC character Squigly, improved online-play, an expanded “Tutorial” mode, and a new combo-oriented “Drama” meter. As promised via the IndieGoGo campaign, Encore will also receive an additional four DLC characters throughout the year; Big Band (currently available in the PC “Endless Beta”), Beowulf, Eliza, and Robo-Fortune. Those who purchased the original Skullgirls before it was removed from PSN will receive a voucher to download Encore later this evening; according to the official Skullgirls Twitter, players should expect vouchers to arrive starting around 9pm PST, 2/11- so tonight. Sony has provided directions for redeeming the updated version, courtesy of the Playstation blog:

  1. Check your PSN messages on your XMB 
  2. You’ll receive an XMB message from “Skullgirls” with a link to a free voucher for Skullgirls Encore 
  3. Click the link in the XMB message, which will redeem the voucher and take you to PlayStation Store to download Skullgirls Encore 
  4. Be sure to also download the Squigly Character Unlock and Character Color Bundle DLC — both are free for a limited time! 
  5. After the download is complete, please delete the current version of Skullgirls, as it will no longer be supported 
  6. Enjoy!

As the new version has been completely rebuilt, none of the save-data from the original game will transfer upon download of Encore.

Skullgirls was originally released back in 2012, developed by Lab Zero Games, and features the creative talents of artist Alex Ahad and fighting-game veteran Mike Zaimont. A crowd-funding campaign was launched in early 2013 to help develop the planned ninth character for the roster, Squigly; the campaign raised over $800,000, thus funding a PC version, new stages, new music, and an extra four DLC characters to come after Squigly.

Lab Zero is still waiting on Microsoft for the XBLA release of Encore; a release date will be announced once Encore has been approved. Those who might be interested in some physical merchandise can swing by EightySixed, as several new items featuring the ninja-nurse “Valentine” have been added for this week.

Sources: Twitter, PlayStation Blog
Image courtesy of Lab Zero Games

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