‘Titanfall’ Beta Going “Open” Later Tonight

For players who have their fingers crossed in hopes of getting a coveted key for Titanfall‘s closed Beta, relax, as it looks like Respawn and EA will be opening it up to the public.

Last Thursday, Respawn Co-Founder Vince Zampella announced that a sign-up page for this weekend’s Titanfall closed Beta would go live; hopeful fans could sign up for the chance to receive a Beta key for either the Xbox One or PC versions, as the 360 version will not have a Beta of any kind. As originally rumored, the Beta began yesterday; select fans would receive their keys in waves through Feb. 17- the second-to-last day of the Beta. More codes were sent out today, but a batch of selected candidates apparently never received theirs; the Beta servers have also been suffering due to player-traffic. As a result, the Beta will potentially be extended for an additional day. For those who have yet to receive a code, it looks like a change is in store, as according to Zampella’s Twitter feed, the Titanfall Beta will be opening up to the public, with the Xbox One version possibly opening up tonight, followed by the PC version tomorrow:

While the Beta site has been closed, Zampella’s Twitter states that download instructions should arrive sometime later tonight; as additional info, an Origin account is required for the PC version. Titanfall will release on Xbox One and PC on 3/11, and 360 on 3/28.

Source: Twitter, Titanfall
Image courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

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